Top 10 reasons to rent
Zip-eRides electric bikes

Santa Fe electric bike rental delivery

1. Convenient, Professional Reservations and Pick-up!

Explore Santa Fe and surrounding areas on two wheels without wasting the time reserving your eBike  in a shop. Easily and quickly reserve your eBike(s) right here online, then pick them up from our professional staff at a convenient location just off the Plaza on Water Street on your scheduled pick up date and time.

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2. Convenience plus health benefits

Electric bikes are known for being an excellent way to get some outdoor exercise, without putting so much stress on your body. Santa Fe is at 7000 feet above sea level and any exercise at this altitude can be strenuous if you live at a lower elevation or at sea level. With an electric bike from Zip-eRides, you won’t even notice it and will ride up the hills effortlessly!

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3. Great for Sight Seeing

Electric bike rentals are a great way to sight see – Instead of driving or pedaling until you sweat, you can opt for Zip-eRides’ electric bike rental service and experience a more pleasant way to discover Santa Fe. Say goodbye to being out of breath, even at 7000 feet!

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4. Easier Parking

eBikes are so much easier to park than a car – Santa Fe is a historic city, designed at a time when people travelled on horseback, so parking can be difficult. Try our electric horse, an eBike, and save yourself the hassle of traffic and finding a parking spot! Riding a green bike is not only fun, but its the most convenient way to move about the old, twisty and narrow streets of Santa Fe.

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5. Conquer the Hills

Explore the hills with an electric bike – eBikes have the advantage of offering you assistance when riding gets tough. With an electric bike rental, you can explore the hills around Santa Fe that you’d otherwise avoid! An electric bike engine can help a great deal.

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6. Great for Fitness

Electric bikes are a great way to improve your fitness level – Are you worried about enjoying Santa Fe’s great food offerings and having to work it off? With an electric bike rental, you can enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer and not feel the guilt or the strain. Go for a ride, work off some calories without going to the gym all while having an easy work-out! Achieve your fitness goals by alternating pedaling your bike with switching to the electric engine when you get too tired. Go for a ride and work off some calories without going to the gym, all while having fun!

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7. Ride Longer

You can explore longer trails with an eBike – Afraid that having to pedal all the way back from a long trail will be too difficult? An electric bike will allow you to explore longer and more difficult routes and switch to electric mode on your return route. Each of our bikes can go 20 to 30 miles on one charge, depending on how much you solicit the electric motor.

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8. Even the Playing Field

8. Electric bikes allow you to cycle along someone who’s hard to keep up with – If you’d like to explore and discover new trails with others who are maybe more fit, eBikes help level the playing field.

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9. eBikes are more enjoyable

eBikes make cycling more fun and economical – Overall, electric bikes make cycling more fun! You can enjoy exploring longer and more difficult trails or keep up with the more experienced bikers. And you’ll have a blast!

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10. eBikes are Fun!

Most of us had a bike as a child, and still have fond memories of biking around with friends or exploring alone. Go back to this feeling of freedom without the hassle of maintenance and with the added benefit of easy exercise, convenience, and fun. Ride all day and when you’re done, meet our staff for easy drop-off and walk away…

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